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Research & Development Center

We have an ISO certified facility located in Pune, which has a total of 5 synthesis labs fully equipped with fume hoods, working desks and all necessary facilities like Rotary Evaporators, Combiflash, Vacuum Pumps, Scrubbers, etc.
The kilo lab has glass reactor capacities ranging from 3 litres to 250 litres wherein reactions ranging from – 70°C to 250°C can be performed. The kilo lab is equipped with High Vacuum Pumps, Column filtration, Distillation, Centrifuge (24”), Nutche Filter, Chiller, Scrubber, etc. There is also a separate area for development & pilot scale hydrogenation which has Hydrogenators 0.75 litres to 25 litres and Parr Shaker Hydrogenator.
A total of 2 analytical labs fully equipped with Shimadzu HPLC, GC, LC-MS, Prep HPLC, Lyophilizer, Melting Point Apparatus, Wet Lab, etc.

Manufacturing Facility

For scale-up, we are also associated with a fully equipped plant, having total reactor capacities upto 40 KL. This facility is fully equipped with multiple SSR and GLR reactors ranging from 1 KL to 5 KL, along with a Kilo lab and complete QC facility. Scope for further expansion upto 30 KL, including scale up for hydrogenation. This facility is also equipped with Tray driers, Centrifuges, Sparkler Filters, Multi-mills & Sifters.